COVID-19 Response

Hello Curlers,

In Colorado, there is still a lot of uncertainty around COVID-19. The SC board has been in regular contact to address multiple issues, and we have not wanted to rush our plans for next year. We expect there will be significant changes to any plan we make, since existing safety measures seem as if they will extend through 2021.

That said, anything we do in the future requires us to start planning and executing now. As a result, the board has made a few tentative plans for the 2021 season, based on existing legal restrictions, national scientific guidelines, and medical advice.

Here is what we currently know:

  • Corporate events are on hold until at least 3/1/2020.
  • Bonspiels, training, and other events are also on hold until at least 3/1/2020.
  • Learn To Curls, the Greenhorn League, and our Drop-in Doubles in Oak Creek and Steamboat may be viable up if a safe and effective plan can be developed. Driving our membership is a high priority, but still comes second to club safety.

Our priorities

The board’s priorities are in alignment with USCA’s national guidelines. We are putting members’ safety first, but beyond that, we have three main priorities:

  1. Resume league play in some/any format as soon as possible.
  2. Drive membership for the long term health of the club membership as soon as possible.
  3. Hold corporate events, bonspiels, and trainings when we can, as it drives the long term financial health of our organization.

What you can do to help

We all have a role in Steamboat Curling’s COVID-19 safety plan. We also want to draw on your expertise. Everyone can participate and volunteer ideas on how we can reduce exposure and control the safety of all members, while still offering some type of club activities. If you are interested in helping us develop our wider COVID safety plan, contact us via

This is a living plan guiding how we move through various stages of re-opening. We hope that it will all be forward movement, but will re-consider the current direction if more caution is needed. As always, we will update our course and let you know what’s going on if this tentative plan changes.

Stay well and good curling,

John and the Steamboat Curling Family